Friday, 14 October 2016

What Content Type can be Termed as UNIQUE for Local SEO?

When we talk about marketing a business using SEO methodologies, we often tend to think that it would make the marketing process faster by many folds. Remember, silver bullets do not exist. Hence, SEO is certainly not silver bullet that you will fire and see desired things happening like a magic.

For a successful chiropractic SEO, you need to be patient along with being technically and skillfully correct. While many SEOs try to use shortcuts either due to laziness or eagerness to see quicker results, it is certain that such techniques end up giving nothing but defamation to the website among major updated search engines of today’s world.

Having said that, most of the ‘experts’ tend to propagate that having unique content is the way gain better ranking. If we see their opinion from theoretical perspective, they might be true but uniqueness of content isn’t the boosting factor in the way we often think of.

So what’s the role that unique content plays?

You, as a business owner, can look into the market and it wouldn’t be difficult for you to figure out that unless you are the only supplier of a product or service, you are going to face serious kind of competition. And, it is also the fact that you along with every other thrive to get a place among top positions on page one.

Uniqueness of content is very important but there are several ways you can write unique content. Suppose you sell a specific product or service. There would be several other competitor who sell the product or service that belongs to your category. All websites would have unique content but all sell the same particular type of product. Often, the format of websites remains the common entity; i.e. way of inserting information in different pages. In other words, all websites technically possess the same content.

There was a time when citations used to give major boost to local websites. However, having citation has become an essentiality rather than a boosting factor. It’s now more like a bucket that you need to pull water from the well. Without it, you are not going to get the water at all.

When we tend to make only the content unique, we actually try to escape the effort of providing uniqueness in information that searchers usually look for. For example, instead of swapping words while including names of city and state, you can actually give some detailed information about locality and prospect of shopping for the type of product you sell in that locality. That would make your business look more authentic and unique.

Provide unique local information, not the content
Start with providing some unique information about your locality. Try to interview local figures. Give updated local news through your web pages. Remember, it’s not the blog only that you can use to provide all this information. Also make use of your main website pages where appropriate.

It is worth remembering here that creating the type of content that we talk about is hugely concerned with getting involved with the local community and doing some informal reporting stuff rather sitting on a chair in front of the computer screen.